A couple posing for the camera wearing the evo tri suit

Triathlon tips & hacks for beginner, intermediate and advanced triathletes - Team Emgus

In this blog we’re going to share some of our triathlon tips and hacks that we hope you find beneficial whether you’re a newbie to the sport or an experienced athlete. Before we get into the blog, we’ll quickly introduce ourselves. We are Emily and Angus - we met through triathlon in 2015 and fell in love while training and racing together and compete as a couple (Team Emgus). We’ve both represented GBR at age-group level and have been on podiums at several National and British Championships.    Pre-race tips Emily: Be organised, the evening before a race Angus and...

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cyclists wearing the SYKL PRO range, sitting on a bench

7 Things You Were Never Told About Becoming A Cyclist - Jack Schofield

You might be a new cyclist that’s recently began exploring new routes, riding with friends and enjoying a new dose of fresh air. Or you might have been in the sport many years. In this blog we’ve looked at a few of the things nobody warned you about before you became a cyclist. But, would you do anything different if you knew now?!   It’s addictive   Very, very addictive. Not only because of the endorphins associated with exercise telling you you want more. You’ll fast become addicted to the buzz. Whether it’s your Sunday social ride with friends, your...

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man and woman running along the beach wearing the evo tri suit


The 220 team takes a look back at our favourite gear of 2021... It may have been a year of ups and downs, but one thing you can always rely on is a steady flow of exciting new kit. Here’s our pick of the best (in no particular order!) from over the last 12 months… 18. Tri-Fit Evo trisuit  £179 An impressive does-it-all suit from Aussie-based brand, Tri Fit. The suit is comfortable, the pad is great for long-distance races, and the focus on aerodynamics across the shoulders, back and arms doesn’t inhibit flexibility. Pocket space is amongst the best,...

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cyclist sat on a wall next to his bike on a race track

Creating Quality Content - Two26 Photography

While I’m by no means the top photographer and I’ve still got a lot to learn myself, I’ve put together a few tips to think about while capturing & creating photos. With most phones now having amazing cameras and editing software, creating high quality content is easier than ever.The first thing to remember, is there isn’t a right or wrong way to take a photo. Though there are some rules, it’s entirely subjective. So although these pointers can help you along the way, if you think it looks good, don’t let them hold you back!  Consider the background of the...

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Two triathletes cycling across the river wearing the SYKL PRO cycling jersey

Building a brand with a focus of World Health

One of the most important things for us as a brand is to lead our company with our own personal values. We aim to show this across all elements of TRI-FIT. Dan (the other half of TRI-FIT) has two young daughters and I have a baby girl due in Feb 2022. We are both conscious of our personal duties as father’s and father’s to be and want to ensure that whatever we do in our lifetime, we leave a legacy behind and a world to live in not destroyed by our own footprint.   (Co-founder Dan Evans with his family...

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Man running along the street in the EVO mens tri suit


It wasn't the season any of us were hoping for, but during 2020 tri’s designers continued to serve up cutting-edge kit on a weekly basis. Here are 220’s top 20 products of 202.   18 TRI-FIT EVO £179       The Evo is an outstanding package from Aussie brand. The suit is comfortable, the pad is great for long-distance races, and the focus on aerodynamics across the shoulders, back and arms doesn’t inhibit flexibility. Pocket space is amongst the best, too. Read the full review 

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